Extreme Pro® Lash Adhesive


Extreme Pro®  Lash Adhesive are medical-grade eyelash extension adhesives, delivering long-lasting adhesion, safety, thin viscosity and seamless connectivity. Extreme Pro® Lash Adhesive has a very lightweight consistency, curing almost instantly, thereby allowing just enough time to attach the fan to the natural eyelash. It has been tested and approved to medical standard ISO 10993-5, manufactured in Germany and fully compliant with REACH regulations. Noir® Volume Lash Adhesive contains no latex or formaldehyde, ultimately protecting both you and your client.

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Recommended humidity: 55%

Acceptable humidity range: 40% – 70%

Recommended room temperature: 25°C – 28°C

Perfect for:
1D CLASSIC Lashes (Patch test required)

Product Specifications
Size: 1g X 5g
Colour: Black
Viscosity: medium to thin
Bonding Time: around 5 weeks
Drying Time: 2/3 seconds (Drying time can be improved to 1/2 seconds when use together with FairyFix Lash Primer)
Fumes & Irritation: strong
Shelf Life 9 months, once opened use within 1 months

Bonds skin instantly. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin. Keep away from children. Eyelid bonding: consult a physician. Skin bonding: soak and ease apart gently. Patch test is necessary at least 24 hours before the application.
For professional use only.

Sensitive eyes/Self application/Open eye application/Individual (Flare) Lashes/Any contact with skin


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